Ronaldo’s Outdated Shoe Story Turns into Gold and Limpahan Treasures

Ronaldo’s Outdated Shoe Story Turns into Gold and Limpahan Treasures

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently one of the best footballers who are still active career. Various individual titles and teams have been achieved by the star as CR7 throughout his career.

In addition to the role of the father, Ronaldo also reveals his past memories. Reported from Marca, Ronaldo tells of the poverty experienced by his family.

Ronaldo even said he never bought football shoes as a child. The Ronaldo family did not have enough money to buy a shoe.

“I played using a pair of worn out shoes that my brother inherited or I borrowed from my cousin” said the former Manchester United player.

“As a kid, you do not really think about money,” added Ronaldo.

Apparently the result is very surprising. With the capital of worn-out shoes and loan shoes, Ronaldo was able to transform into a great footballer.

Even now the money is not a difficult thing for Ronaldo and family. The money coffers of salary and sponsorship continued to flow into Ronaldo’s account.

This success was obtained by Ronaldo with great effort and support of the family. Unexpectedly, worn-out shoes transformed into various gold awards and an abundance of treasures. That old shoe also delivered Ronaldo to reach the greatness of football.

During his career, Ronaldo won four Ballon d’Or awards, four European best players, four Champions League titles, three Premier League titles, two La Liga titles, one European Cup trophy and many other titles.