Choirul Huda Died, Paul Pogba Conveys Sorrow

Choirul Huda Died, Paul Pogba Conveys Sorrow

The news of the death of Choirul Huda became the attention of international media. Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba, also participate convey sorrow for the departure of captain and goalkeeper Persela Lamongan it.

Persela Lamongan goalkeeper, Choirul Huda, passed away on Sunday (15/10/2017) afternoon. The trigger is the clash of Huda with teammate, Ramon Rodrigues, in the game of League 1 counter Semen Padang at Surajaya Stadium.

“Also sorry for Choirul, my prayer for you and your family,” Pogba wrote in his personal Twitter account.

Related to the incident, the side of RSUD dr Soegiri Lamongan, ie doctor Yudistiro Andri Nugroho, Anastesi Specialist (Head of Emergency Installation Unit), gave an explanation.

According to the examination, Huda suffered a traumatic impact resulting in stopping breathing and cardiac arrest. “Choirul Huda suffered a traumatic collision with his fellow players resulting in what we call stop breathing and cardiac arrest,” he said.

Arema Refuses to Neglect PS TNI

Arema Refuses to Neglect PS TNI

Arema FC will host PS TNI at Kanjuruhan Stadium on Saturday (14/10/2017) future capital inequality of the opposing team, Singo Edan predicted to secure the points at home.

Skuat Arema is very confident ahead of this fight. Because the four core strengths of the PS TNI can not graze because of the accumulation of cards. They are Abduh Lestaluhu, Manahati Lestusen, M. Kasim Slamat and Franklin Azzeti.

“If you look at the league data, four PS PS players have to undergo an accumulated punishment against us, but that does not make us underestimate the opponent,” said Arema Coach Joko Susilo.

Coach who is often in greeting Gethuk also added, the strength of his team is also in poor condition. “We are indeed experiencing mental problems, but we will not waste a good opportunity at home tomorrow,” said Gethuk.

It is also similarly justified by TNI Trainer Rudi Eka Priambodo. In addition to having no four players affected by the accumulation, Hong Soon Hak and Andi Setyo Nugroho who plays in the back line also suffered injuries.

“I’m sure players who go to Malang will give their best game, even though we have a player crisis due to injury and accumulation, God willing we end the game tomorrow with maximum results,” said Rudi.

League Standings 1 After Persib Lumat Sriwijaya

League Standings 1 After Persib Lumat Sriwijaya

Persib Bandung successfully crushed host Sriwijaya FC in the week-22 League 1 in Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang, Monday (4/9/2017) Bandar Bola. Michael Essien and his friends won 4-1 over Laskar Wong Kito.

Persib goal goal to goalkeeper Sriwijiaya started in the 17th minute by Ezechiel N’Douassel. In the 32nd minute, turn to Michael Essien who listed his name on the scoreboard.

Two goals Persib next created in the second half. Febri Haryadi who just returned from the SEA Games, scored Persib’s third goal in the 60th minute. Maung Bandung created the fourth goal through Billy Keraf’s foot in the 90th minute.

Sriwijaya got a consolation goal ahead of the game ended battling action Tijani Belaid.

This landslide victory affects the Persib ranking in the standings.

Djadjang Nurdjaman. Djanur stopped for failing to lift the team in League 1.

Persib is currently ranked 9th with 32 points from 22 matches. Meanwhile, Sriwijaya is ranked 12th with 28 points from 22 matches.

Top position standings are still occupied Bali United with 44 points. In the 22nd week, troops Widodo Cahyono Putro grind Persela Lamongan with a score of 5-1.

Here’s the league 1 to the 22nd.

SEA Games Schedule This Afternoon, Game Determination Timnas Indonesia Vs Cambodia

SEA Games Schedule This Afternoon, Game Determination Timnas Indonesia Vs Cambodia

Indonesia U-22 national team will play decisive action against the Cambodian national team in the final match of Group B SEA Games 2017, Thursday (24/08/2017) night.

The Indonesia vs Cambodia national team match will be broadcast live on TVRI and SCTV at 15.00 WIB.

Indonesia needs to win by a margin of three goals over Cambodia to ensure tickets pass to the semi-finals. It is assumed that Thailand and Vietnam are clashing together at the same time reach for a draw.

Another case if the game Thailand vs Vietnam won one team. Indonesia won enough with any score to qualify.

Currently, the top of the table is filled by Vietnam with 10 points with goal difference advantage (12-1) over Thailand (7-1). Indonesia trailing under them with a collection of 8 points with a surplus of four goals.

In addition to Indonesia vs Cambodia national team matches in the SEA Games, there are also League 1 and League 2 broadcast live by the television station the country.

The league match between PSCS Cilacap and Persip Pekalongan will be aired at 15.00 WIB on TVOne. In the afternoon, at 6:30 pm, there is a League 1 Semen Padang vs Bali United match.

Coming Against Persija, Internal Condition Persib Still Interrupted

Coming Against Persija, Internal Condition Persib Still Interrupted

Storm problems continue to approach Persib Bandung. In the midst of performance inconsistency, Maung Bandung must lose coach after Djadjang Nurdjaman back down Manfaat Buah Belimbing.

The situation caused the team’s internal atmosphere to be disturbed. Manager Umuh Muchtar admits it. He said there was a decrease in passion from the players after Djanur, greeting Djadjang Nurdjaman.

“Yes (players) hit with yesterday (Djanur resignation),” said Umuh in Mes Persib, Ahmad Yani Street, Friday (21/07/2017) yesterday.

However, Umuh is not discouraged. With the ammunition of the existing coaches he continues to pump Atep cs spirit to get up immediately.

“We are here to try to awaken, (spirit) them, we will tremble again, I will motivate them, because they need motivators,” he said.

Until the end of the first round of League 1 Indonesia, Persib still oleng. His position fell almost at the bottom of the standings.

One of the main problems of poor performance Persib is the absence of a productive striker figure.

The club officials, said Umuh, have given the task to immediately find the figure of coach and striker. Umuh claimed to prioritize hunting more attackers than coaches.

“I’m looking for a striker first because that’s where our weakness is.” Try a good striker, definitely look the difference, “he said.

For the position of coach, Umuh still believe the quality caretaker Herrie ‘Jose’ Setiawan.

“Jose alone is enough if we finish the season.” If you can accompany the coach there is no problem, the important thing is to have a striker, “he said.

Persib will continue the journey in League 1 by facing Persija Jakarta on Saturday (7/22/2017). The party will be held at the Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire Lake starting at 18.30 WIB.

Speak Lifestyle Football Speech with Bali United

Speak Lifestyle Football Speech with Bali United

In a series of Indofood House activities in Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JFK) 2017, Indofood again held a Meet and Greet event with the theme of “Speaking Lifestyle of Football Bintang Bersakbola Bersama Bali United at Indofood House”. This event presents three players of Bali United namely Irfan Bachdim, Mahdi Albar and Andhika Wijaya as well as medical experts from Club Bali United dr. Luh Virsa Paradissa.

Fierman Authar, Head of Consumer Engagement, Corporate Marketing of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, said, “Indofood provides great support and concern to football in the growing country. Through a variety of food and beverage products, Indofood supports Bali United as a professional club in Indonesia that takes into account the aspect of a balanced diet with balanced nutrition to support the performance of the players in order to achieve their achievements. ”
The three players of Bali United tell the lifestyle they live as soccer stars in Indonesia. Such as daily habits performed to support their performance ranging from building teamwork, cohesiveness, self-discipline training, to the habits undertaken to maintain fitness, such as adequate sleep and apply a balanced diet with nutrition.

The Bali United Club has a dedicated medical team that accompanies every player in organizing and applying his diet according to their individual nutritional needs, such as regulating the amount of carbohydrates, protein, minerals and fat consumed by the players.

With high will and discipline, all these activities are able to make them a reliable and accomplished athlete. Fierman said that this event is also a means for Indofood to communicate directly with the target marketnya which is also a fan of the football club [Bali United] (/ 3018392 “”).

Indofood House (Special)
The Meet & Greet event is open to the general public and invites from children of Football School (SSB) in Jakarta, the quiz winners held by Indofood either through social media or in the JFK area every weekend, bloggers and mass media.

At the end of the event, the players of Bali United display their skills and skill in playing soccer. Visitors and lucky guests will get a chance to take a picture together and get the jersey signed by the Bali Star.

“We hope the lifestyle of the football star of Bali United can be imitated by the public, especially the younger generation of football fans and able to provide inspiration and motivation to continue to work and achievement,” lid Fierman Authar.

Borneo FC Optimistic Can Steal Points at Persela Headquarters

Borneo FC Optimistic Can Steal Points at Persela Headquarters
3-0 victory over Madura United in the last match that dilakoni in the continued competition of League 1 apparently still imprint in the memory of the players Pusamania Borneo FC Situs Judi Bola.

The rest of the spirit that is trying to be collected by students Dragan Djukanovic, in order to challenge Persela Lamongan at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Saturday (8/7/2017) afternoon, in the series of 13th week match.

“3-0 victory over Madura United became a motivation for our team. Moreover, the team again discipline, again compact-kompaknya. So, we will try again, to be a team jack to get to the top, “said goalkeeper Nadeo Argawinata in a press conference on Friday (7/7/2017).

He also feels confident, Borneo FC will be able to reap points at the headquarters of Persela, although this step is believed will not take place easily. Remember, the team Laskar Joko Tingkir known insisted when playing in front of his supporters.

“For Persela, they’re a good team, a strong team. At home, they are strong. Maybe there will be little gaps we can take there. Coach is already preparing it, “he said.

In line with Nadeo, Djukanovic also increased his students not to underestimate the power of Persela in the game, even in the standings while the rank of Borneo FC slightly better than Persela.

“Persela good team, never beat big team, so, I think the game will not last easy for us. However, we will keep trying hard, to get perfect points here, “said Djukanovic.

He stated, has prepared the squad Borneo FC well. Djukanovic is optimistic that his proteges will be able to gain the perfect points in his trip this time, although it will certainly not be reinforced by Diego Michels because of the accumulation of cards.

“I have prepared the team well, although there are players absent. I have prepared a replacement. Every game, we are always optimistic. We have prepared everything, hopefully will be able to achieve three points, “he said.

Brush PSM, Manager Persib: The Players Very Spirited

Brush PSM, Manager Persib: The Players Very Spirited
Victory Persib Bandung over PSM Makassar make Umuh Muchtar happy. Maung Bandung Team Manager assessed the three figures can not be separated from the hard work of all elements.

Persib narrowly won 2-1 in a match that was held at GBLA Stadium on Wednesday (5/7/2017). Two goals Persib printed by Shohei Matsunaga and Atep. While the PSM only reply through Willem Pluim.

“This team proves that they still have the desire to win, so the result is maximum,” said Umuh as reported by Persib official website.

“I am relentless to give the spirit to the players, I am happy for Persib players tonight,” he added.

Victory makes Persib up to ninth position standings. They collected 19 points from 12 matches.

“” I am also grateful to Bobotoh who has been present to support his team of pride. Prove that Persib can maintain this positive trend, “he concluded.