Ezra Walian Deliver Almere City Goes in the Dutch League Cup

Ezra Walian Deliver Almere City Goes in the Dutch League Cup

Ezra Walian delivered his club, Almere City, to win the first round of the Dutch League Cup match against FC Oss at Frans Heesen Stadium on Tuesday (9/19/2017).

Almere City’s victory was determined by Leeroy Owusu’s goal in the 18th minute and Arsenio Valpoort in the 65th minute.

Ezra himself failed to score against goal guarded by Ronald Koeman Jr., the son of Everton manager Ronald Koeman.

In fact, he got a chance in the 26th minute, seven minutes after Almere opened the scoring. Manado’s bloody shot ball shot was wide on the FC Oss goal.

Fortune Ezra Walian did not change in the second half.

The second shot came from Arsenio Valpoort’s shot in the 64th minute.

One minute after Almere doubled the lead, Ezra was pulled out to make room for Dennis van der Heijden.

Until the long whistle sounded, the score 2-0 for Almere’s victory did not change. That way, Ezra has not been able to open tap his goal since defending Almere.

However, collective outcomes are not bad. In three games when Ezra appeared, including against FC Oss, Almere summed up two wins and one draw.

The final win also led Jack de Gier’s men to the second round of the Dutch League Cup.

Semifinals against Malaysia, Indonesia national team must beware of penalty shootout

Semifinals against Malaysia, Indonesia national team must beware of penalty shootout

Indonesia U-22 national team will play host to Malaysia in SEA Games 2017 semi-finals at Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday (8/26/2017) Agen Judi Bola.

Given the match takes place in the autumn format, the penalty shoot scenario is certainly wide open. What’s more, the last two duel between Indonesia and Malaysia at SEA Games always end with a penalty shootout.

The first meeting that led to the drama “tos-tosan” took place at the Bung Karno Main Stadium in 2011. In 120 minutes, the game ended 1-1 with goals by Asraruddin Putra Omar and Gunawan Dwi Cahyo.

Entering the penalty shootout, Gunawan and Ferdinand Sinaga suffered a failure of execution. Malaysia has the right to steal gold because only Ahmad Fakri Saarani failed in their camp.

Failure was a lesson for the team care of Rahmad Darmawan two years ago, when the two teams back together in the semifinals.

“Our preparations are better this year. We often practice (anticipate penalty kicks), “Meiga told Kompas reporter Agung Setyahadi in Naypyidaw, Myanmar.

Sure enough, Meiga was able to ward off the first two Malaysian thrusters Thamil Arasu and Shahrul Mohd Saad, in the semifinals of the SEA Games 2013.

In the camp Indonesia, only Manahati Lestusen failed menceploskan ball in the round of penalties. Garuda Young also flew to the final thanks to a 4-3 victory.

According to Rahmad, the victory is also not separated from the mentality of Indonesian kicker.

Two years earlier, several players refused when appointed as executor.

“This time, it is precisely the players who ask to be penalty takers,” said Rahmat.

Coach Luis Milla certainly needs to hone a similar scenario ahead of Malaysia’s counter-action in Shah Alam.

The guards under the rule, be it Kurniawan Kartika Aji and Satria Tama, have proved solid. Indonesian goalkeeper just vibrate once in five party phase group.

On the contrary, the front line is still less effective. According to Labbola’s recordings, there were 32 shots deviated from Evan Dimas and his comrades during the group phase.

Conte Satisfied With Morata Performance

Conte Satisfied With Morata Performance

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte admits he is satisfied with the performance shown by Alvaro Morata in the game against Bayern Munich Membuat Alis Tebal.

The 24-year-old striker played for 27 minutes in a 3-2 victory over Bayern’s victory, and Conte was satisfied with the impact the player had.

“It’s hard for me to talk about the influence that Alvaro can give,” Conte said.

“He’s been with us for two days, and he needs to work hard to find a place here. He needs to understand the football we apply, but we think he is a good buy, and he has shown a good intentions. ”

“We need to give him time to adapt properly into the football we play, but I am satisfied with the performance he is performing.”