4 AC Milan coach if Montella is fired

4 AC Milan coach if Montella is fired

Pressure center AC Milan coach, Vincenzo Montella, after losing 0-2 from host Sampdoria, last weekend (24/09/2017) Agen Bola Sbobet. Milanisti – the title of AC Milan supporters – voiced their disappointment in social media, and called for Montella to quit.

The disappointment of AC Milan fans is considered reasonable, because their favorite team has spent 230 million euros to spend on players. Eleven new players brought Rossoneri in the transfer market last summer.

In just six weeks the Serie A Italian League is underway, the Rossoneri have already lost twice. They now slip to sixth, six points behind leaders Italy, Napoli and Juventus.

Not only fans, AC Milan management began to react to these minor results. Yesterday, management representatives called Montella to ask for an explanation regarding the poor performances of Leonardo Bonucci and his friends.

Following the gonjang-ganjing, the issue of dismissal Montella increasingly sticking out. The future of Montella in AC Milan coach seat is believed to not last long if his luck does not change.

The results of the game against AS Roma and Inter Milan will determine the future of Montella. The Rossoneri management was preparing a series of names when they finally fired Montella.

Here’s a list of substitute Montella as AC Milan coach.

1. Antonio Conte

Premier League-Tottenham-Chelsea

The first name that emerged after the 0-2 defeat of Sampdoria is Antonio Conte. On Twitter, a number of Milanisti mention the Chelsea coach’s name as the right figure to menukangi AC Milan.

Later, Gazetta dello Sport also launched the same rumor. However, if you look at the situation, it is quite hard for AC Milan to bring Conte, especially in the near future.

Because, the former Juventus coach and the Italian national team has just signed a new commitment for the next two years with the Blues.

Although his contract will still be a year away, Milan’s chances to hijack Conte will be greater than if he wants to get it now. Because, last summer too, Conte began to feel at home in London because of homesickness longing (home sick).

Even so, although Conte back to Italy, still need to be sure whether he wants to train AC Milan, which incidentally rivals Juventus. Because Conte once said, he will not train his former club rivals, when offered to train Inter Milan some time ago.

2. Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti

The next name touched by Gazetta dello Sport is veteran coach, Carlo Ancelotti. There is a kind of assumption that AC Milan could return victorious if re-held coach who now menukangi giant Germany, Bayern Munich, it.

AC Milan indeed had triumphed under the leadership of Ancelotti in 2001-2009. Over the span of time, the 59-year coach presented two Champions League titles (2002/2003, 2006/2007), two UEFA Super Cups (2003, 2007), one Scudetto (2003/2004), one Italian Cup (2002/2003 ), one Italian Super Cup (2004), and the FIFA Club World Cup (2007).

However, just like Conte, Ancelotti is currently under contract with Bayern. AC Milan may be able to bring Don Carletto in the summer of next year, considering he has also expressed his wish to leave Bayern.

While waiting for next season, Milan can provide another seasonal opportunity for Montella while seeing its progress.

3. Luis Enrique

The third name associated with AC Milan coach is Luis Enrique. The former Barcelona coach is currently still unemployed after deciding to leave Barcelona last summer.

With the existing conditions, Enrique is more realistic for AC Milan than the two names mentioned earlier. Serie A itself is not a foreign place for Enrique.

Before the success with Barcelona, ​​47-year-old man had coached AS Roma even though only one season (June 2011-May 2012). However, AC Milan management still seems to need to consider Enrique thoroughly.

Despite the success with Barcelona and now being vacant, the Spanish coach has no immediate proximity to Milan. He is doubtful to be able to understand the Rossoneri soccer philosophy.

4. Gennaro Gattuso

News Transfer: Monaco Offer Mbappe to MU, Juventus Buru Keita
Gennaro Gattuso is now training the AC Milan primavera team (EPA / Olivier Maire)
One more name that might be appointed as the new coach of AC Milan if Montella out is Gennaro Gattuso. Currently, Rhino – nicknamed Gattuso – still coach Milan Primavera Team.

He was newly appointed on July 1, with a contract until June 2019. Gattuso have a chance to replace Montella because usually, AC Milan often appoints a junior team coach at moments like this.

Moreover, Gattuso is also a former player who long defended AC Milan. Two names that have already experienced it is Filippo Inzaghi and Cristian Brocchi.

However, the appointment of the coach on that basis has been proven to fail in Inzaghi and Brocchi. In fact, both are quite successful in the Primavera Team. While Gattuso, has not been proven at all in the junior team and so far only undergo four games, with the result of two wins and two defeats.

Allegri: The game against Torino is not easy

Allegri: The game against Torino is not easy

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri admitted that the game against Torino is not an easy game for his team.

Despite successfully winning with a landslide score 4-0, Allegri feel that his team can still make improvements in some aspects.

“The players managed to show a very good match, including in the early 20 minutes of the game. Then when Torino played with 10 players, we managed to control the game, “the coach told reporters.

“Even so, we let in some situations, which we should avoid. After the break, we slowed the game tempo too much, and it did give us quite a lot of trouble. ”

“This match is not easy, Torino’s team this year is very difficult to beat. But this is a great preparation for the Champions League next Wednesday. “

Dybala: My Future Is in Juventus’s Hand

Dybala: My Future Is in Juventus’s Hand

Juventus striker Paulo Dybala admits that his future is in the hands of the Bianconeri Judi Online.

Neymar’s departure to PSG made the Argentine star continue to be linked with a move to La Blaugrana.

Even so, the 23-year-old is happy in Turin, and will allow Juventus to decide on his future.

“I just think about Juventus,” the Argentine striker told reporters.

“I have spoken with the club, and I have expressed my point of view.”

“All will depend on Juventus. I feel very happy at Juventus, and I want to grow up wearing this costume. “

Agent Mor: Already There Agreement With Inter

Agent Mor: Already There Agreement With Inter

“We have reached an agreement with Inter,” Emre Mor’s agent said as winger Borussia Dortmund was on his way Situs Poker.

The player who joined the Turkish national team squad has given all the clarity that he will be listed in the Nerazzurri squad, but both clubs still need to complete the details of the transfer that has not been completed.

“Yes we have reached an agreement with Inter,” said Muzzi Ozcan as agent to AreaNapoli.it.

Director of AS Roma, Monchi also denied reports that they want Mor, whereas Fiorentina have negotiated.

It is thought he has agreed a five-year contract with Inter and will arrive to undergo a medical treatment on Tuesday.

Despite his young age of 20, Inter are confident that the Danish-born player will be able to add to the squad’s strength and as an important asset in the future.

Montolivo: The Shocking Bonucci Removal

Montolivo: The Shocking Bonucci Removal

Riccardo Montolivo admits the arrival of Leonardo Bonucci to Milan is very surprising.

The Rossoneri have already spent 211 euros during the summer transfer window, with Lucas Biglia already undergoing a medal test and a striker still lagging behind in their shopping list.

“I think the club is really amazing in the transfer market, even surprising,” I Montolivo.

“Our target is to be in the Champions League and that’s an exciting challenge, especially with all the newer players.

“To be able to perform well, we needed 22-23 players and the club moved in different directions. I’m happy with Bonucci, it’s an immeasurable transfer, but he’s a great player and I’m sure he’ll beautify our game.

“Facing Craiova in Europa League qualifiers could be considered a bridge to a new season.

“Surely there is great pressure after the transfer market this time, but I’m sure experienced players will guide the team in the right direction.”

Sevilla Intends to Stevan Jovetic Permanenkan

Sevilla Intends to Stevan Jovetic Permanenkan

Jovetic can return to Sevilla permanently after they sell one of the team’s main retainers, Vitolo to Atletico Madrid Bandar Judi Sbobet.

The Montenegrin national team spent the last six months on loan at the La Liga top flight, contributing seven goals and five assists in 24 competitive games for the club.

They have an option to buy at a price of around 14 million Euros, but refuse to activate it, as Sevilla tries to negotiate it to a lower figure.

According to Spanish newspaper AS, talks have resumed tonight with a new proposal of 10 million euros and Jovetic is eager to accept it.

There is no place for him at Inter under new coach Luciano Spalletti.

Inter director Walter Sabatini met with Jovetic agent Fali Ramadani in Milan tonight.

Another option is Steven N’Zonzi, as Corriere dello Sport recorded today that Inter are ready to pay a release clause of 40 million Euros for the midfielder.

If they include Jovetic as part of the transfer, it means Inter will be able to substantial reductions to get N’Zonzi.