Cech: Arsenal need to learn from Mourinho

Cech: Arsenal need to learn from Mourinho

Arsenal’s main goalkeeper Petr Cech has asked his club to learn from Jose Mourinho who now handles Manchester United.

The insistence, because the Gunners at the start of the season look so bad that from the beginning of three English League in two games must be swallowed kekalahana which makes the club from North London should scattered in the rankings to 16 and if not change the style of play then the season is predicted can be thrown out of four again

So Cech wants to immediately change it and follow the style of Mou where always thirst for victory and demanding the players to always appear insistent in every game. Proven man from Portugal that when handling every new club successfully dedicate the title.

“When Mourinho arrived at Chelsea from Porto, he brought the main thing, he came from a club where he can not accept to finish in the second place standings,” saidPetr Cech told the media.

“He brings the same spirit at Chelsea. He only thinks of victory, regardless of price.

“He hates a draw. If we go back to the dressing room with a draw, he will not be satisfied.

“On the other hand he also wants to be able to go 1-0 or beat the opposing team 5-0 if possible. Whatever it is Mourinho wants no results. “

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